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1. Dansa [mp3]
2. Twangin' Steps' [mp3]
3. Long Dry Spell [mp3]

12 March 2008

These are musical doodlings that I (Oren) have come up with on my own or with friends.

Dansa is my first project using digital music production software (Logic on a Mac). It's made up entirely of Apple loops that came with either Logic or Garage Band.

Twangin' Steps is my first attempt at recording live instrumentation using Logic. It started out to be something like Bill Frisell, but ended up sounding (at least to me) like Tom Verlaine plays surf music. The chords in the bridge are taken from the first stanza of John Coltrane's Giant Steps. The drums are loops that I didn't build, but the guitars, bass, and keyboards are all played by me.

Long Dry Spell was added in August - it's all done in software, some with loops that came with Logic, some played on the keyboard by me.

Thanks for listening!


All songs composed by Oren Sreebny