Whispering Johnson - The Lost Blues Session

The Lost Blues Session

1. Trouble No More 3. Do The Do 5. 300 Pounds
2. Hidden Charms 4. Sugar Sweet 6. Live the Life I love

Recorded Live, Thanksgiving Eve, 1995 at Crow Recording, Seattle. Engineered by John Nelson

Whadaya mean, Lost?

Picture a cold, dark night before Thanksgiving in Seattle. The year is 1995. The boys in the band, hayving recently reunited after several years of independent pursuits, are back with old friend and colleague John Nelson to record a set of tunes that act as an homage to the twin titans of the blues - Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters. The quirky stuff - no shuffles, no straight twelve-bars. Jim is coming down with a nasty bug, and is busy working through a bottle of pepper vodka, hoping to keep his voice. The recording is done the old fashioned way - direct to stereo tape (though digital tape in this case) - no overdubs, no retries of solos, no fixes.

At the end of the evening, the tape goes into the band's posession and is not seen again - until it is finally uncovered in a box in the basement of Jim's new house in 2002. And now we bring it to you.