Whispering Johnson

The Charts

1. Forty-eight 5. Forty-three
2. Forty-five 6. Forty-seven
3. Forty-six 7. Forty-two
4. Forty-Four 8. Four-Fifty

These links go to pdf files of scanned lead sheets for some of the original tunes, written by Jim, that we've played in Whispering Johnson. These are scanned directly from the hand-written copies that Jim wrote out for us to play. If you look and listen closely you'll notice that we don't always play what's written, but you'll have to figure that out yourself!

As far as I know, this is the first time that sheet music has been shared with a Creative Commons license. That means that you're free to take these tunes, play them, edit them, reharmonize them, write words to them, whatever - all the things that jazz musicians have done with songs since the art form began. But if you use them, we want you to attribute where they came from - and we'd love to know what you've done with them! So drop us a line at whisperingj at addr dot com

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