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The Birthday Numbers

1. Forty-eight [mp3] [chart] 5. Forty-three [mp3] [chart]
2. Forty-five [mp3] [chart] 6. Forty-seven [mp3] [chart]
3. Forty-six [mp3] [chart] 7. Forty-two [mp3] [chart]
4. Forty-four [mp3] [chart] 8. Four-fifty [mp3] [chart]
9. ? [mp3]

October 4, 1997 - 2003

In 1997 I decided to start a new tradition: I'd take my birthday off from work and write a song. The result -"42"- is included here along with subsequent "birthday numbers." somewhere in my mid-'40s the ability to take the day off disappeared, along with my capacity for writing something I liked in one sitting. I'm hoping both come back soon. But I've persisted in writing something every birthday, usually a brief sketch that I'll work out over the following weeks or months. However it happens, the end result always feels somehow expressive of the year that produced it.

4-50 is a little ditty that I came up with for the party celebrating the 50th birthdays or Oren Sreebny, Tom Lenon, Ed Lorah, and Brad Spear. 50 is still one number away for me.

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All songs composed by Jim Fricke, arranged by Whispering Johnson

Recorded live on Bastille Day (14 July), 2004 at Audiologic Studio, Seattle by Jay Kenney